Night Vision

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This book written by a servant of Heel! provides the nocturnal tourist,
whether he is a dreamer woken within the nightmare scene or backpacking
man lost beneath the leathery tiles of a moonlit chateau, with a step-by-step
guide to the frontiers and otherworld of the Empire of Bootes.

128 pages: 21.6 x 13.8 pages

UK price £6.99, paperback

ISBN: 978-1-903908-235


Robert Graham reveals with science and esoteric knowledge not yet known to science, how the evolving and co-operative consciousness of genes may be triggered into new and constructive patterns of behaviour through the inwardly-focused mind's influence and control of their pre-physical, mental prototypes.

"... full of fascinating material. I wanted to read on and on." Leslie Kenton, author of Passage to Power

"A fascinating history of the progress of spiritual, scientific and futuristic thought ... it explores the potential of the human mind as an instrument to prevent ageing ... compelling reading." Here's Health, UK's Leading Alternative Health Magazine

"This book reads so smoothly, one almost overlooks that Robert Graham* has distilled literally decades of thought and comprehension here. I got a new sense of Evolution ... a disarmingly "at ease" approach to the topic. As if, instead of talking about the evolution of planets, he was mentioning how flour and yeast are combined to make biscuits." Dr Katharine Newcomb, Ph.D.

* Robert Graham has been a member of London's prestigious Society For Psychical Research for nearly twenty years

Published by Matrix